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Selenium contributes to a healthy thyroid function

Most people do not realize what a thyroid is - or where it sits - but it is probably the most important endocrine (hormone producing) gland in the body.

This gland, which sits on either side of the throat Thyroidand in shape is similar to a butterfly, manages, among other things how quickly the body consumes energy and makes proteins, while it controls the body's hormone sensitivity. The thyroid produces several hormones, most important of which are triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (which is sometimes also called T4). These hormones regulate the cells' metabolic rate, ie how quickly they convert fat, protein and carbohydrates into energy. Furthermore, it regulates growth hormones and a number of bodily functions, including maintenance of bone mass.
One of the substances which are important for a functioning thyroid, is the trace element selenium. We get selenium from the diet (fish, nuts, organ meats, etc.). and the amount is dependent on soil content of selenium. Denmark is a low-selenium area along with countries such as England and Finland. In the mid-1980s, Finland took the consequence of this for a number of years and ordered that all fertilizers were added selenium as a way to increase crop content of this vital mineral.
A product such as Bio-Selenium+Zinc may be a good supplement to an otherwise healthy and balanced diet because it contains a special easily absorbable form, called SelenoPrecise. It is a patented and standardized selenium yeast with over 30 different organically bound selenium forms. What makes SelenoPrecise particularly useful is its documented absorption rate of nearly 90% as well as its homogeneous composition. Because of these properties SelenoPrecise is used for scientific studies and research projects worldwide.

Besides the content of selenium and zinc Bio-Selenium+Zinc contains vitamins A, B6, C and E.063

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