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Up to 10 times better bioavailability

Up to 10 times better bioavailability.

Pharma Nord's new Bio-Chromium is now produced with the natural raw material ChromoPrecise - the only approved organic chromium yeast product for blood sugar control in Europe.

Why is easily absorbed chromium so important?

Chromium maintains normal blood sugar levels and helps the body's absorption of macronutrients, ie carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, chromium is best known for its ability to maintain a normal blood sugar balance.

Chromium influence of macronutrients and blood sugar is recognized by EFSA. Eu's department of food safety.

Good reasons to choose Bio-Chromium.

Bio-Chromium contains ChromoPrecise which is a commodity produced by Pharma Nord. EFSA consider it as being 10 times more absorbable than other chromium forms on the market.because none of the companies who were producing and selling products with chromium yeast, could provide the scientific substantiation requested by EFSA, showing that chromium yeast meet all EFSA's safety requirements.

As a result, all dealers were required to switch to less effective, but approved chromium compounds. These chromium compounds (chromium chloride, and chromium picolinate) have a very low bioavailability and are synthetic.

Pharma Nord was not just going to sell chromium chloride, but immediately began a process with many years of pioneering work to collect and document the safety and bioavailability of our own chromium yeast.

All these years of documentary work and now the EFSA approval of ChromoPrecise, gives you the benefit of being able to get a product with high bioavailability - Bio-Chromium.


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