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Pharma Nord Q10 used in the Q-symbio study

Pharma Nord Q10 does it again: Occupy the headlines in health news journals around the world. Most recently, Professor Sven Aage Mortensen from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and his colleagues in EU and Asia presented the results of the Q-symbio study at a congress of cardiologists in Lisbon, Portugal, 23 - 28 May 2013.

420 patients from nine different countries was included in the Q-symbio study who examined a group of persons with low levels of Q10.

Pharma Nord's Q10 dissolved in vegetable oil
The active treatment consisted of a soft gelatin capsule with 100 mg of Q10 three times a day for two years. The study wanted to show how well those who got Q10 performed compared to those who had to do without.

Last year we saw another study with healthy elderly in the so-called KiSel-10 study where Dr. Urban Alehagen and his team used the same Pharma Nord Q10 with the selenium product SelenoPrecise – and with similar results.

Why Q10 from pharma Nord?
Researchers prefer Pharma Nord Q10 because it has documentation from more than 90 scientific studies and also documentation for high bioavailability and safety. It is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control and is the official reference product for ICQA (International Coenzyme Q10 Association).

Pharma Nord has also Q10 registered as a drug.

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