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Good news for your Immune System

A team of European researchers has just added new and exciting proof that the trace element selenium greatly benefits us humans.

  • The study is published in the esteemed science journal IJC
  • It shows why selenium status is so important
  • It is based on no less than 521,448 study participants

What is selenium?

Selenium is a mineral and a so-called trace element, which means that it is only needed in trace amounts for the maintenance of human health. The selenium content in crops varies from country to country, depending on levels of the nutrient in the soil in the specific region.

Immune health and thyroid function

Two of selenium’s really important functions, are to support normal functioning of the immune system and the thyroid gland.
This gland controls the body’s metabolism. If the thyroid gland fails to function properly, there is an increased risk of:

  • Weight problems
  • Nail and hair problems
  • Skin problems


Pharma Nord has developed a unique (patented) organic selenium yeast that has exceptionally good absorption. Studies document that 88.7% of the selenium from this specific selenium source is effectively absorbed in the body.

Used in Swedish study

SelenoPrecise was selected by the Swedish team of researchers who demonstrated a significantly positive effect of selenium on elderly people in the widely cited KiSel-10 study
Here are a few good reasons why Bio Selenium and Bio Selenium + Zinc are your best choice

SelenoPrecise is the original (patented), organic selenium yeast that has a documented absorption rate of 88.7%
SelenoPrecise was selected by Swedish scientists as the test preparation for the KiSel-10 study.
SelenoPrecise contains more than 30 organic selenium species and provides the body with the same natural variety of selenium compounds as you get from a balanced diet
SelenoPrecise is documented in nearly 40 published scientific studies

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