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Fully booked CoQ10 Symposium in Bangkok

On Saturday February 4th Pharma Nord, Thailand organized the first international Coenzyme Q10 symposium in Thailand - this in cooperation with The Heart Association of Thailand and the International Coenzyme Q10 Association.

The symposium headline was New Cardiology Treatment - a shift of paradigm - a breakthrough in cardiology.

International CoQ10 experts from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia presented the most recent data in both the field of biochemistry and clinical research. They gave a well-balanced mixture of biochemical mechanisms and use in clinical practise to more than 200 doctors from Thailand. They also explained the reason why and how exactly CoQ10 could be useful, not only in heart disease, but also for cognitive function, inflammatory conditions, and possibly postpone signs of aging.

Thai cardiologists and GPs found the program of the symposium so interesting that the symposium actually was overbooked by 10%. The participants asked several questions, mostly regarding the use of CoQ10 in their own clinical practise.